Automated Math Placement Testing – MAA Placement Test Suite – Maplesoft

Partnering with the MAA to Revolutionize Placement Testing

Place your incoming students in the right mathematics courses quickly and painlessly using the renowned Mathematical Association of America (MAA) placement tests offered online exclusively through the Maple T.A. testing environment.

  • Standard, calculator-based, and algorithmic tests available
  • For standard and calculator-based tests
    • Each test is carefully balanced and real-life tested by the MAA to provide consistent and reliable results
    • Parallel forms of these tests are available for many topics
  • Algorithmic tests
    • Each question contains one or more variables whose values are randomly chosen according to the constraints specified in the question template.
    • Every student is presented with a randomized version of the same problem, so answers cannot be shared.
    • Based on the original algorithms used to create the parallel forms of the standard placement tests.
    • Reviewed and approved by the MAA.
  • Each test available as a built-in assignment
  • Instant grading of results
  • Results can be analyzed with automated tools
  • Standard math notation used in questions, so they appear just as they would on paper
  • User’s Guide provides guidelines on selecting the appropriate test, and analyzing the results to set cutoff scores
  • Flexible licensing allows for hosted and locally run solutions

Placement Tests

Calculator-Based Tests

  • Arithmetic and Skills
  • Basic Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Calculus Readiness

High School Prognostics Tests