MapleSim presents a more appropriate solution for physical modeling than Simscape. It is a true acausal modeling environment, where the solver determines the direction of energy flow at simulation time. On the other hand, Simscape™ users must guide the solver by providing information about casualization, which is burdensome and limits model robustness.

The Simscape modeling language is proprietary, whereas MapleSim is based on the open-standard Modelica modeling language, so you can leverage the growing collection of industry-tested Modelica components in your own projects. What’s more, with Modelica, models and components are open and object-oriented, making them easy to reuse, customize, share, and extend to suit your exact needs. But MapleSim is more than just Modelica – it’s Modelica “Plus”, consisting of an entire platform for modeling, simulation, and analysis, where Modelica provides the component and model description. MapleSim provides:

  • Open, object-oriented system-level modeling language
  • Custom components that automatically generate corresponding Modelica code
  • Flexible Modelica multidomain framework

MapleSim, coupled with Maple, is based on a symbolic computation engine, meaning that you can investigate models in ways not possible with Simscape™. You can even create custom components right from their unsimplified governing equations – MapleSim does all the work to incorporate them into your model. You can:

  • Create custom components directly from their equations
  • Take advantage of the world’s most powerful symbolic and numeric math engine
  • View and manipulate system-level equations, even for multibody and multidomain systems

MapleSim produces the fastest auto-generated model code, and the code is completely royalty-free. You can achieve real-time the first time, without sacrificing fidelity in your system-level models. MapleSim’s fast model code can be exported as S-functions, making MapleSim the best physical modeling solution for Simulink®. With MapleSim:

  • Best core symbolics generates extremely fast model code
  • No more hand-coding: save time and eliminate errors with automatic code generation for custom components
  • Pass your work down the toolchain: provide downstream engineers with fast and accurate exported models, including S-functions, C code, FMI, and more
  • Royalty free exported code


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