ASEE Webinar: Challenges and Solutions for Engineering Educators
Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 at 10:00 am ET

Many engineering topics can be taught using a progression from theory to computer simulations to related hardware experiments. Although this progression can reinforce the overall understanding of the topic, unfortunately traditional modeling tools can muddle the process. Quite often students are not modeling the system, they are modeling the equations that define the system.

Advanced physical modeling and simulation technology, such as MapleSim from Maplesoft, offers increased capabilities for educators, and is also easy and intuitive enough to be used by undergrads so they can gain greater insight into the nature of physical systems. This technology differs from traditional modeling software in that it offers a richer and more relevant treatment of the underlying mathematics and physics of models.

In this webinar we will illustrate how you can reinforce engineering concepts using a combination of theory, simulation, and hardware and show how the math can be used in a more meaningful way. Education-focused examples of MapleSim will be demonstrated.

Dr. James Andrew Smith,
Biomedical Engineering Stream Coordinator,
Ryerson University
Tim Vrablik,
Manager, MapleSim Academic Development,
Nathan Kahl,
Director of Communications,