New Features in Maple 17: Customer Wishlist

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Details are important.  Many improvements in Maple 17 are the direct result of specific requests from customers, including a number of smaller changes that enhance the overall user experience. These improvements include:

  • Axes on by default for 3-D plots. 3-D plots will now appear with a default axis setting of ‘boxed’.
  • Automatic command completion while using math notation. When typing command and function names using math notation, Maple now offers quick completions for items that are unambiguous. When such an item is available, it appears as a yellow tooltip-style popup. Pressing the Tab or Return/Enter key inserts the suggested item.
  • Search and replace has been enhanced to search for names that appear inside mathematical expressions.
  • Faster access to the code behind embedded components with a new Edit Actions option on the context menu for the component.
  • Improved subscripts, which  make it easier to enter and distinguish between a variable subscript that is part of the variable name and a subscript that is an index denoting an element of a table, array, or other data structure 
  • Freeing up protected variable names such as I and D, which can now be used as variable names in our own computations, even at the top level.
  • The Finance package is now also available on 64-bit Windows®.
  • Larger file sizes on the MapleCloud, which now accepts files up to 10MB.