New Features in Maple 17: The Möbius Project

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The Möbius Project makes it easy to create rich, interactive Maple applications, share them with everyone, and automatically grade the application to assess understanding. Many of the additions and improvements in Maple 17 are designed to support The Möbius Project, especially in the area of Math App development. These enhancements include:

  • The Embedded Video Component, which lets you add rich multimedia content to your applications and trigger actions as the video plays.
  • Major updates to the Explore command, which can be used to create a Math App with a single command.
  • A new public group in the MapleCloud for sharing your Math Apps through The Möbius Project.
  • A new advanced code editor that provides syntax highlighting, automatic indenting, and more, making code development even easier for more complex applications.
  • Many new Math Apps, which serve as excellent demonstrations on their own and can also be used as building blocks for your own Apps.
  • A more powerful Maple Player that can be used to easily access and interact with Math Apps as well as view any Maple document.
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