New Features in Maple 16: MapleCloud

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Since its launch two years ago, the MapleCloud Document Exchange has transformed the way people share documents with each other. Thousands of documents have been exchanged by our user community through the MapleCloud, and the numbers continue to grow. New features in Maple 16 make it easy to find popular content and keep track of your favorites.

  • You can now "like" documents in the MapleCloud.
  • In the new Popular tab of the MapleCloud, you can browse the most popular shared worksheets.
  • All worksheets that you "like" are conveniently bookmarked in the new Favorites tab.

In addition, with the MapleCloud Document Exchange you can:

  • Share your documents with the Maple community at large or create private groups to share with specific Maple users.
  • Post your document, or just a selection from your document, with a click of a button.
  • Determine the visibility of a group, restrict group membership, and set rules to control the visibility of shared documents inside the group.
  • Easily find documents of interest using a full-text search of all the documents available to you.

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