New Features in Maple 16: eBook Publisher

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Easily share your work with a wide audience by turning work done inside Maple into ebooks that can be shared with anybody. The new eBookTools package provides you with the ability to convert a collection of Maple documents, such as course notes, lab material, and technical reports, to a single, unified ebook. Maplesoft uses this same technology to produce the Maple manuals and user guides, and is now making these tools available to all Maple users.


  • Supports PDF, HTML, and ePUB formats
  • Provides an interactive assistant to guide you through each step of the process
  • Automatically generates a table of contents and index
  • Supports cross-references that link from one location in the book to another
  • Includes examples to help you get started
    Viewable on e-book readers, tablet computers, iPad®, laptops, and more
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