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Special Maple 11 Launch Issue
This month’s issue is dedicated to the release of Maple 11. Whether you need to do quick calculations, develop design sheets, produce sophisticated simulation models, or teach fundamental concepts, Maple 11’s world-leading computation engine offers the breadth and depth to handle every type of mathematics. We also feature the release of Maple T.A. 3.0, the easy-to-use web-based system for creating tests and assignments, automatically assessing student responses and performance. We highlight these latest releases along with the numerous Maple 11 resources now available.
News & Announcements
Announcing Maple 11

Maple 11 Screenshot

Maple 11 combines the world’s most powerful mathematical computation engine with an intuitive user-interface that eliminates the learning curve so common with other mathematical software. Its smart document environment automatically captures all of your technical knowledge in an electronic form that seamlessly integrates calculations, explanatory text and math, graphics, images and sound, and more. These concise live documents can be reused or shared with your colleagues.

Maple 11 Resources

Math Matters

Maple T.A. is an easy-to-use web-based system for creating tests and assignments, automatically assessing student responses and performance. The new edition, Maple T.A. 3.0 features increased flexibility in content creation, an enhanced user interface, and improved grading and assessment capabilities. The product supports complex, free-form entry of mathematical equations and intelligent evaluation of responses, making it the only system designed for mathematics, science, or any course requiring mathematics.

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Maple Books:

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February 15th – 18th 2007
Quinsigamond Community College, Boston, MA
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E-Learning 2007
February 17th – 20th 2007.
Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town ,Albuquerque, NM
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Chautauqua Short Courses for College Teachers
June 6th – 8th 2007
Pedagogy and Methodology of Using Maple in the Classroom
Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.
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Maplesoft Seminar Series

Join us for the Introduction to Maple 11 Webinar. This is your chance to get a preview of the recently-announced Maple 11. In this one-hour demonstration and Q & A forum, you will learn about the:

  • new smart-document user interface,
  • enhanced mathematical power, and
  • increased connectivity to other tools

All of which will dramatically improve your mathematical and technical problem-solving projects.

Teaching with Maple 11 Webinar presents essential Maple 11 techniques for revitalizing your math class room. Learn how Maple 11 can free the instructor and student to focus on concepts rather than on manual manipulation and how a new generation of product features greatly enhance the presentation quality of your mathematical work.

Introduction to Maple T.A. 3.0 Webinar provides an overview of the new and improved features in the latest release of Maple T.A. Focusing on ease of use, this release contains an enriched authoring environment, a brand-new Gradebook, and additional authentication and administration features.

Maple 11 for Simulink Webinar will introduce you to the power of the Maple product line for rapidly developing solutions and deriving highly efficient engineering system models for easy implementation in your simulation tool-chain.

Within an hour, you will learn how to:

  • reduce project time “from weeks to days” by making advanced engineering math work for you
  • generate optimal design parameters using automated optimization tools
  • import Simulink models into Maple for analysis and simplification
  • rapidly develop physical models from first principles for easy implementation in Simulink

Engineering Solutions with Maple 11 Webinar will introduce you to the power of the Maple product line for developing solutions and deriving dynamic system models for rapid implementation in your design tool-chain.

This live Webinar will demonstrate Maplesoft's range of products for engineering, including:

  • Maple 11
  • The Maple Toolbox for MATLAB
  • BlockBuilder for Simulink
  • BlockImporter for Simulink
  • Global Optimization Toolbox
  • MapleNet

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Missed a Webinar?
Check out our recorded seminar section where you can browse and view recordings of past seminars.

The Maple Adoption Program™
Maple Adoption ProgramThe Maple Adoption Program™ is designed to benefit both educators and students. This program makes it simpler for educators to incorporate the benefits of Maple into their courses and makes learning and owning Maple easier for students. Upon joining the program and registering a course, the instructor will receive their own one-year license of Maple 11 to assist them with classroom preparation. As well, students are eligible to purchase the Maple 11 Student Edition at a special low price.


MaplePrimes is a great place for finding new information on Maple and other Maple products. For example, with the announcement of Maple 11, you can find detailed information about Maple’s new features here. You can also read and discuss the announcement of Maple T.A. 3.0. During the time leading up to the availability of Maple 11, you can keep checking MaplePrimes to find more information and discussion on the new product, come read it for yourself at

Application Center Highlights

The Maple Application Center has received the following new applications over the last month:

RanLip - black-box non-uniform random variate generator
Dr. Gleb Beliakov
The Population of Mexican United States.
Part I

Prof. David Macias Ferrer
Optimising Asset Allocation by Maximising the Sharpe Ratio
Dr. Samir H Khan
Calculus III: Complete Set of Lessons
Prof. Michael May,
Dr. Russell D Blyth
LibLip - multivariate scattered data interpolation and smoothing
Dr. Gleb Beliakov
Phase Plane for Two-Dimensional Autonomous System”
Prof. David Macias Ferrer
Hamiltonian Systems
Prof. David Macias Ferrer

Maplesoft in the Press

Here are some highlights of this past months press coverage and new press related to the launch of Maple 11. In addition to these articles on Maple 11, coverage has been seen in, CADWire, and other key publications.

Productivity Tool Improves User Experience

Electronic Products, January 2007

The Maple 11 computational tool features enhancements to its smart document interface, strong computation engine, and connectivity capabilities. The product provides users the necessary technology to reduce error and increase analytical productivity.”

Newest Version of Maplesoft's Flagship Product Dramatically Improves User Experience
MCAD, January 2007

“Maple 11 is the ideal tool for engineers and scientists to streamline and increase quality of analytical work. With Maple 11, the company is advancing the revolutionary technical document interface technology it introduced two years ago.”

Engineering Software Tool Combines Mathematical Computation Engine With An Intuitive User-Interface
EE Product Centre, January 2007

“Maplesoft's newest release of Maple 11 features enhancements to the company's smart document interface, a strong computation engine, and connectivity capabilities. The result is an engineering software tool that provides users the necessary technology to reduce error and dramatically increase analytical productivity.”

Getting Fisical With Phynance
Scientific Computing World, January 2007

“Maple has a Derivative Securities book that provides an excellent entry point for learning the ropes…Constructing different scenarios in Maple, tuning parameters to see how well they can be made to mimic particular past event structures, the broad similarities and differences between physical and financial views of the world begin to emerge.”

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.


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