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Newsletter for February 2008

This month’s issue highlights the new version of Maplets for Calculus and the extensive collection of free training materials on the Maplesoft site.  In addition, read and download the latest updates to the Maplesoft Application Center such as, Introduction to Differential Equations.  Using Maple as a working tool, Prof. Carl Madigan demonstrates two common examples of the Classical Tractrix problem for a Differential Equations Course.   Also, don’t miss this month’s Tips & Techniques:  Working with the Maple Toolbox for MATLAB, Numeric Solution of a Two-Point BVP, and Writing Flash® Questions for Maple T.A.

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News & Announcements

Complimentary Training Materials from Maplesoft
Maplesoft offers a comprehensive set of complementary training materials. From complete training videos to recorded training seminars to downloadable documentation, you have many options to get up to speed with Maplesoft products.

New Version of Maplets for Calculus
Maplets for Calculus is a collection of Maplets designed to help students learn calculus. Maplets for Calculus was first released in November 2005 with 40 Maplets in the collection. Now, just over two years later, there are 94 Maplets covering pre-calculus, limits, derivatives, integrals, differential equations, sequences and series, curvilinear coordinates, and more.

The Maplesoft Great Application Contest Winners Announced
We are pleased to announce the winners of the Great Application Contest!  First prize is awarded to Dr. Jason Schattman, for his entry Can a Square Roll?, an exploration of the "Renaissance Man of calculus problems", the square wheel problem. The runner-up is Prof. Mario Lemelin, for his Pré-test en Mathématique, a Maple-based questionnaire that lets beginning differential calculus students test their secondary school mathematics comprehension.

Due to its success we will continue to run the application contest throughout the year.   You can find out more about this contest and how to submit your application by visiting the Great Application Contest.

New Maplesoft Welcome Center

Whether you are new to the Maplesoft community, or have just renewed a long held Maple license, the Welcome Center offers all of Maplesoft's key user resources in one central location. In the Welcome Center you can view sample applications, participate in user forums, access exclusive premium content, and listen to Podcasts. In addition, you will have access to our support services, be able to view training videos, download user manuals, and much more.


The Maplesoft Complete Teaching Solution – Design a program that suits your specific needs.
The Maplesoft Complete Teaching Solution brings all of the elements of great math instruction together into one customized, easy-to-implement and cost effective solution.  Choose either Standard Maple licenses or Quick Start Maple licenses that include a variety of key resources, and then add options of your choice such as training or a one year license of Maple T.A., a web-based system for creating tests and assignments.

Product Tips & Techniques
Maple Tips & Techniques: Working with the Maple Toolbox for MATLAB
Author: Maplesoft

Classroom Tips & Techniques: Numeric Solution of a Two-Point BVP
Author: Robert J. Lopez, Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Maple Fellow, Maplesoft

Maple T.A. Tips & Techniques: Writing Flash® Questions for Maple T.A. 
Author: Maplesoft

Visit Tips & Techniques on the Maplesoft Website for more applications.

Maplesoft Webinar Series
Featured Webinar
Advanced Research Techniques in Mechatronics: Vehicle Dynamic Modeling in Steer-by-Wire Systems
Tuesday, March 18 2008: 12:00 pm -1:00 pm EST

This Webinar will present the work of Dr. Venkat Krovi and his innovative application of new design software tools to accelerate the model development process and simultaneously increase model fidelity. Dr. Krovi is an accomplished researcher and an authority in the full design lifecycle approach to mechanical and mechatronic design.
Clickable Engineering Math: Part 2 – Interactive Engineering Problem Solving
February 13, 2008: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Maple Connectivity Tools for Simulink®/MATLAB®
February 27, 2008: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST
Introduction to Maple T.A. 3.0
February 26, 2008: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST


For further details or to enroll in a Webinar please click here.

Missed a Webinar? Check out our recorded Webinar section where you can browse and view recordings of past Webinars.

Application Center Highlights
Introduction to Differential Equations
Author: Prof. Carl Madigan
In this application, Professor Carl Madigan uses Maple as a working tool for students in a Differential Equations course developed from a modeling perspective. He uses two common examples of The Classical Tractrix problem to demonstrate.

Hankel Matrix
Author: Prof. Josef Betten

Pi Theorem Application
Author: Mr. Lee R. Partin

Second Order Theory of Deflections for the Linear Elastic Isotropic Beams
Author: Prof. Marcin M Kaminski

Stacking Patterns for Boxes within a Volume
Author: Mr. Lee R. Partin

Deflection of the Prismatic Beams on Elastic Winkler Foundation
Author: Prof. Marcin M Kaminski


Tales from the Crypt
Stephanie Rozek chats with Fr. Mike May, from St. Louis University, during the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Diego. He discusses his work with Maple, and especially how he uses it to teach courses in cryptography. A recording of his lecture “Using Maple worksheets to enable explorations of cryptography with minimal background” follows.
To listen to other Podcasts visit

Maplesoft in the Press
Driving Innovation
Scientific Computing World
Maplesoft’s work with Ford Motor Company in the area of chain drive system resonance is discussed in an article on the use of scientific software in the automotive industry. Jack Liu of Ford tells the magazine how Maple helped his team determine the exact location of the noise source and the problematic noise peak.
Japanese Research into Robotics Leads the Way to Physical Modeling and Genuine Innovation
Desktop Engineering
In this article, Tom Lee talks about Japan leading the world in the area of robotics with leading and cutting edge research, and how Maplesoft products are playing a key role in this development.
Software Review: Software Speeds Engineering Calculations
Machine Design
In a review of Maple 11 published in Machine Design, Bill Fane gives a thumbs-up to the cool new features in the product that help engineers and designers solve equations easily.
Forum Founded by Maplesoft Lets Group Share Ideas and Evolve New Processes
Desktop Engineering
A closer look at the Physical Modeling Consortium founded by Maplesoft.

In addition to these articles, check out the Media Center  for all the latest coverage on Maplesoft.

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Featured Webinar

Advanced Research Techniques in Mechatronics: Vehicle Dynamic Modeling in Steer-by-Wire Systems
Tuesday, March 18 2008
12:00 pm -1:00 pm EST

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