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Using MapleSim in your Toolchain: Exporting Models using FMI

Length: 38 Minutes
Presenter: Graham Jackson
Product: MapleSim

MapleSim gives you the power to create high-fidelity, system-level models of your products that help you spot design issues before they become an issue in prototyping. While you can get a great deal of work done with only MapleSim, there are many other tools that an engineer uses on a single project...

Conception d'asservissements et prototypage rapide de contrôleurs avec MapleSim et le dSPACE Connector

Length: 55 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

MapleSim est un logiciel de modélisation et de simulation physique multi-domaine construit sur le moteur de calcul symbolique surpuissant de Maple. Sa capacité à générer automatiquement un jeu d’équations optimisées à partir du modè...

Rapid Prototyping of Advanced Mechatronic Systems

Length: 46 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: MapleSim

The ‘traditional’ definition of rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using solid freeform fabrication. The concept of rapid prototyping however need not be limited to the physical realm. This seminar will expand on the concept of rapid prototyping further t...