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A Guide to DataFrames

Length: 29 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

This is a guide to DataFrames in Maple. This video seeks to answer many commonly asked questions on DataFrames such as How do I sort a DataFrame, How do I filter data, and many, many more.

Introduction aux trames de données dans Maple

Length: 11 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

Les DataFrames et DataSeries sont de riches conteneurs de données étiquetées. Découvrez dans cette vidéo comment créer une trame de données et des séries de données dans Maple, comment utiliser les étiquettes et les requêtes...

An Introduction to Data Frames in Maple

Length: 10 Minutes
Presenter: Maplesoft
Product: Maple

DataFrames and DataSeries are rich labelled data containers. In this video, learn more about how to create a DataFrame and DataSeries in Maple, how to use labels and queries to return subsets of data, how to import data, and how to perform some simple statistical analysis and visualization on DataFr...