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Adaptive Questions and Assignments in Maple T.A.

Language: English
Duration: 20 Minutes

Adaptive Questions and Assignments in Maple T.A.

Did you know that Maple T.A. offers adaptive questions as well as adaptive testing at the assignment level? Adaptive questions present a student with one sub-question at a time, and the question behavior depends on whether the student answers the sub-question correctly. In adaptive assignments, the selection of the next question in an assignment depends on how the student has done on the previous questions. You can sort students into different streams, provide extra reinforcement only when it is needed, and allow more advanced students to truly show what they are capable of without discouraging less advanced students.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
  • Create adaptive questions and modify their behavior

  • Organize assignment questions into separate branches or difficulty levels

  • Specific common conditions for moving between branches

  • Fully customize the branching conditions

  • Set stopping conditions for an assignment

  • And more!

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