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Bring Statistics Education to Life!

Language: English
Duration: 51 Minutes

Bring Statistics Education to Life!

In this exciting new webinar, examples of how using Maple for statistics education can bring your classroom to life with interactive demonstrations and live mathematics will be presented. This webinar will also demonstrate some of the ways that educators can take advantage of Maple’s symbolic and numeric approach to problem solving to clarify concepts and illuminate theory. Examples will include basic statistics theory including descriptive statistics such as measures of central tendency and spread, hypothesis testing, as well as discrete and continuous random variables.

Many examples presented in this webinar will be taken from the new Student Statistics package that was introduced in Maple 18. The Student Statistics is designed for the classroom, and features detailed explanations and instructions, interactive demonstrations, and visualizations, all of which are great learning tools for teaching a course involving probability and statistics.

Examples of how several universities are currently using Maple T.A. for testing and assessment in introductory statistics courses will also be presented.

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