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Algebraic Computations in Physics using Maple

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Algebraic Computations in Physics using Maple

In this recorded webinar, discover how Maple can be used to perform the typical algebraic computations in Physics, from undergraduate courses to actual research. While some other specialized systems handle a small fraction of this domain of computations, Maple is the only system that handles the mathematical objects and notation used in Physics in general, providing pencil-and-paper style input and textbook-quality display of results. Examples illustrating the use of Maple to solve problems in classic mechanics, quantum mechanics, general relativity and classical field theory will be presented.

This webinar is presented by Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, Research Fellow at Maplesoft. He is the main author of the world-leading ODE and PDE symbolic solvers in Maple as well as the ground-breaking Physics package. He also works in Maple in the areas of differential algebra, differential geometry, and special functions.
Language: English
Duration: 24 Minutes
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