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Is Excel® Hindering Your Engineering Projects?

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Is Excel® Hindering Your Engineering Projects?

Every engineer has access to Excel®. It’s so easy to open up a worksheet and start putting in some values. A quick calculation here, add a multiplier there, change this value because you have new information, and maybe redo the calculation with this number to see what the results would look like. The numbers look good, so you proceed with building a prototype. A team member modifies the spreadsheet, which introduces an untraceable error, and sometime down the line, you discover that months of design work have been based on erroneous calculations. 

While Excel is good for project budgets for example, it simply cannot handle the scope of mathematical computation required for advanced engineering projects. Engineering teams need robust and powerful interactive mathematics systems to solve the mathematical challenges they are facing today. In this webinar, experts from Maplesoft will demonstrate how dedicated mathematical software like Maple provides a state-of-the-art environment for advanced engineering calculations. 

During this webinar, learn how Maple can help you: 

Arrive at the right solution
Capture your thought process
Minimize errors that lead to delays
Control rising costs
Avoid unexpected outcomes

Language: English
Duration: 25 Minutes
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