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Maple: From Concept to Deployment

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Maple: From Concept to Deployment

At Maplesoft, we’ve learned a lot from our customers over our 25 years of operation as a developer of technical problem-solving tools. During that time, we have seen how such tools have dramatically changed the way technical organizations have advanced their knowledge and turned that knowledge into commercially-profitable innovations. It is arguable that many products and technologies that weren't even thought of 25 years ago, which today are taken for granted, would not have seen the light of day without tools like Maple.

As part of a study to understand just what effect Maple has had over the last 25 years, we surveyed our client base about their use of Maple. Our customers include a wide range of organizations, such as engineering companies, scientific research laboratories, developers of space and defense systems, manufacturers of electronic devices, financial institutions – all organizations that require mathematics to solve problems critical to their business. While the variety of applications was staggering, and ranged in complexity from relatively simple to highly advanced, one major observation emerged clearly from the data. This webinar will demonstrate our findings, including characterizing the ways in which mathematics is being utilized – who is using it, what for, and how – within any technical organization.
Language: English
Duration: 30 Minutes
Related Terms: Engineering

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