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Robotics Applications with MapleSim and Maple

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Robotics Applications with MapleSim and Maple

Developments in advanced model formulation techniques and efficient model simulation algorithms, together with ever-increasing computational power, have enabled the proliferation of advanced robotics research and applications in the areas of humanoid robots, autonomous mobile robots and space robotic systems. MapleSim is one of the most advanced tools in modeling and simulation for modern robotic systems.

This webinar will illustrate how MapleSim users can leverage its unique symbolic advantage to easily obtain 3D animation of the system dynamic simulation, access the full set of symbolic system equations for design and analysis, such as forward and inverse kinematics and dynamics analysis, and generate efficient real-time capable models for Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) applications. We will also demonstrate how conventional modeling techniques, such as D-H parameters and homogeneous transformations, can be integrated within the MapleSim physical modeling environment.

Language: English
Duration: 42 Minutes
Related Terms: Maplesim, Maple, Robotics, Symbolic, Hil, Modeling

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