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Maple and MapleSim for Control Theory

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Maple and MapleSim for Control Theory

In this webinar, Tim Vrablik, MapleSim Development Manager, will demonstration a collection of MapleSim and Maple classroom materials that make it easy to bring modern technology to any introductory course in control design. With interactive classroom demonstrations that illustrate key concepts in a highly visual way; engaging lab projects and assignment questions; and example models ready to be explored, this material enriches lectures, makes lab problems more concrete, and deepens understanding.

Key Take-Aways
  • Learn how to use interactive Maple documents to explore important concepts
  • Reinforce these concepts using MapleSim models to immediately see the effects of different control strategies
  • Take advanced of step-by-step examples that show to how extract system equations from MapleSim models 
  • Learn how to use Maple’s built in Dynamic Systems package to design and analyze your controllers

Download the Control Theory classroom materials

Language: English
Duration: 52 Minutes
Related Terms: Control-theory, Maplesim, Maple

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