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Calculation Management for Engineers

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Graham Jackson

Calculation Management for Engineers

In today's world of model-driven design techniques, managing the large amount of underlying mathematics is more important than ever. For many engineers, managing this information can still result in a disorganized collection of documents, scratchpads, and spreadsheets. To protect against the risks of losing time or intellectual property, calculation management helps to:
  • Create a structured, transparent environment for mathematical derivations, and avoid the risks of relying solely on spreadsheet tools.
  • Enable the tracking, validation, and reuse of calculations, preventing redundancies and allowing for easy tracing of design issues.
  • Deploy calculations across an organization in the form of optimization tools, quote preparations, or any other task that can bottleneck an engineering team.
In this webinar, learn how calculation management can play a central role in organizing your work, and see examples from various engineering domains.
Language: English
Duration: 19 Minutes
Related Terms: Calculation, Engineering, Spreadsheet, Optimization

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