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MapleSim: Straight from the Source

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MapleSim: Straight from the Source

Ever wonder how R&D shares their new releases with the rest of the company? At Maplesoft, we gather in our largest meeting room and give our developers the floor to say whatever they’d like for the next hour. For MapleSim 2018, we filled the room (and a conference line) full of our eager employees – a surprising amount of enthusiasm given the lack of coffee in the room. 

Chad Schmitke, Maplesoft’s Senior Director of MapleSim Development, walked us through the ins and outs of MapleSim’s place in the automation industry. He also shows how MapleSim 2018 has become an even better fit for machine designers, OEMs, and control engineers in the automation industry. And, of course, he lets us know everything that’s new in MapleSim 2018. 

We had so much fun listening to Chad present this briefing that we decided to share it with you, including the introduction that Chad messed up three times, and his reference to being a used car salesman. Watch this presentation and feel like you’re one of the Maplesoft staff! 

P.S. Sssshhhhh, Chad doesn’t know we’ve done this. Don’t tell him.
Language: English
Duration: 23 Minutes
Related Terms: Automation, Machine Design

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