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Reviewing the Multivariate Calculus Study Guide

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Reviewing the Multivariate Calculus Study Guide

In this webinar, Dr. Lopez will demo Maplesoft's new Multivariate Calculus Study Guide, written to highlight all the best tools Maple has available for mastering the material of the multivariate calculus course. 

Its eight chapters parallel the development of the typical course, beginning with a treatment of vectors, lines and planes, followed by an investigation of space curves, before looking at functions of several variables, their possible graphs, and the meaning of limits and continuity for such functions. A chapter on partial derivatives and all related matters is followed by chapters on the double integral and applications, and triple integrals and applications.

Written in the style of the recently updated Calculus Study Guide, each section in the new guide provides a summary of the essential mathematics needed in that section, and then a number of examples illustrating the mathematics. A substantial portion of the 560 examples in the work have a mathematical solution that is free of any computer notation, an interactive Maple solution highlighting all relevant Clickable Calculus tools, and a Maple solution given in terms of relevant Maple commands. And there is an Appendix of basic Maple techniques that will serve the needs of a beginner who did not have exposure to Maple in any previous course.

After a quick overview, Dr. Lopez will show some of the sections, and present a representative sample of examples taken from the guide.

Language: English
Duration: 63 Minutes
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