#MapleOfficeHours - Maple Student Support

Just like the office hours your professors hold, #MapleOfficeHours provides a way for students (but open to everyone) to get help with Maple. Are you having trouble with your Maple homework? Are you stuck with a particular command? Want a quick demo or tutorial? We’re here to help!

#MapleOfficeHours events are held at scheduled times, on a variety of social media platforms. Check out the schedule below for our next events, and subscribe to the Maple Reporter to keep up to date.

Upcoming Events

Live Twitch Session

Oct 23rd @ 2PM EDT

How to Plot Data

Live Twitter Chat

Nov 7th @ 2PM ET

Using Maple for homework and assignments?
Get help from our Maple experts!

Use #MapleOfficeHours or mention @maplesoft to connect

Live Twitch Session

Nov 27th @ 2PM ET

Plotting Inequalities

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