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Edit a Help File


Edit help files that produce user-created help pages within the Maple help system.


Open the Maple worksheet that was used to create the help file that you want to modify.


Edit and resave this Maple worksheet.


From the Tools menu, select Help Database, and then Save as Help Page. The Save to Database dialog with Database and Indexing information opens.


In the Select Writable Database box, enter the full filename (including directory pathname) or select the filename of your help database that contains the previous version of the help page.


Help database directories only appear in the Select Writable Database box if they have been declared in a libname command during the current Maple session, and if they contain a writable .help file.


In the Topic box, enter the same help topic name that was previously used to represent this worksheet. The help topic name is used to display the help page once it has been integrated into the Maple help system by entering ?helptopicname at the prompt. See View a Help File as a Help Page.


(optional) Specify other properties for the help page in the dialog.


Click Save to save the worksheet as a help file in your help database.


The edited Maple worksheet is converted to a help file and replaces the old help file in your help database.

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