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Export as HTML or HTML with MathML


Export a worksheet as an HTML document for viewing in a web browser.


Open the worksheet that you want to export.


From the File menu, select Export As. The Export As dialog opens.


Select HTML as a file type.


Specify a path and folder for the file.


Enter a filename.


Click Save. The HTML Options dialog opens.


In the Image Subdirectory field, enter the pathname for the directory where exported images are to be saved.


Images in an HTML document cannot be saved in the HTML file. Each image is saved in its own GIF file. If the directory that you specified does not exist, it is created for you. All image directories are relative to the document. The default directory is images, and it is located under the same directory that was selected for the HTML document. For example, if the HTML document is saved in /u/mydocs, the default image directory will be /u/mydocs/images. An Image Subdirectory of "" causes the images to be saved in the same directory as the HTML file.


Select the desired format. To export mathematical expressions as MathML instead of GIF images, select the appropriate MathML format (MathML 2.0 Presentation or MathML 2.0 Content). To export output as encoded Maple, select Maple Viewer. For details about these format options, see Selecting Options below.


To export the worksheet as an HTML document with frames, select the Use Frames check box.


Click OK.


Selecting Options

Viewing the HTML File

Selecting Options


GIF - Output regions of the worksheet are exported as GIF files and referenced by image tags in HTML. GIF files are written to an image directory.


MathML 2.0 Presentation - Output regions are exported as Presentation MathML.


MathML 2.0 Content - Output regions are exported as both Presentation and Content MathML. The HTML file is much larger than the file created by the MathML 2.0 Presentation option.


Maple Viewer - Output regions are exported as encoded Maple. The HTML file is much smaller than a file created by the MathML options.

Viewing the HTML File


Viewing an HTML file that was created with the MathML or Maple Viewer options launches a 2-D Math viewer applet in the browser. You can highlight and copy math from the applet.


To run the applet for an HTML export created with the Standard interface, you must have the Java plug-in (JRE 1.6 or higher) installed. The MapleViewer.jar file is automatically downloaded when you view an exported HTML page.

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