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Generate Bézier Curves


A Bézier curve is a polynomial determined by a set of points in such a way that it interpolates the first and last points, but has its shape determined by the remaining points.  This task allows you to interactively define the points and view the curve.


Bézier Curves


Use the slider to select n, the degree of the Bézier curve.


n =



Press  to initialize/clear the plot window.


Click on the plot area and select the Click and Drag Manipulator ( ) from the Plot menu or plotting toolbar.


Click to insert n+1 control points Pk,k=0,,n. 


Drag control points to modify the Bézier curve.


Below, find the Bézier curve

R=k=0nnk1unkuk Pk 


Commands Used

binomial, plot

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