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The Special Parameter thismodule
... thismodule Calling Sequence Description Examples Calling Sequence thismodule
Description Within the body of a module definition, the special parameter ...
8 Programming with Modules
Contents Previous Next Index 8 Programming with Modules This chapter describes the
structure and flexibility of Maple modules. Modules allow you to associate related ...
ModuleContextMenu procedure that specifies context menu entries for a module Calling
Sequence Description Examples Calling Sequence module() export ModuleContextMenu ...
module index
... global local ModuleApply ModuleContextMenu ModuleCopy ModuleDeconstruct ModuleIterator
ModuleLoad ModulePrint ModuleType named Object option package thismodule ...
... lets user set ... line gives an error (when executed) that thismodule's index
must be a name. Other Resources. Review the Error Message ...
ModulePrint function to apply prior to pretty-printing a module Calling Sequence
Description Examples Calling Sequence module() export ModulePrint, ...; end module ...
... How to use the select command? - MaplePrimes Dec 1, 2015 ... GroupTheory:-
PermutationGroup({thismodule, object}, ) .. Error, invalid operator parameter name. ...
Search Engine
Example: A Search Engine Introduction Search engines are used in a variety of contexts
to locate documents that match or satisfy a query. Queries consist of sequences ...
module Overview of modules Calling Sequence Parameters Description Calling Sequence
module() export eseq ; local lseq ; global gseq ; option optseq ; description ...
Overloading Procedures
overload define procedures with the same name operating on different argument types
Calling Sequence Parameters Description Thread Safety Examples Compatibility ...
Language and Programming
Language and Programming Workbook (.maple) Files Modular Arithmetic MultiSet
indets[flat] userinfo for Grid:-Map and Grid:-Seq Overloading Element-wise Operations ...
Contents Previous Next Index Internal Representation The table below lists the
structures that are currently implemented in Maple. Each structure, along with the ...