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Startup Code
Startup Code The Startup Code region allows you to enter Maple code to be executed
every time the current document is reopened. Note that when you restart the Maple ...
Initialization Files
Create Maple Initialization File By creating an initialization file, you can set
up Maple to automatically execute a series of commands on startup and after every ...
13 Programming Interactive Elements
Contents Previous Next Index 13 Programming Interactive Elements The Maple standard
interface provides several tools for building interactive mathematical content ...
Contents Previous Next Index Preface Technical computation forms the heart of problem
solving in mathematics, engineering, and science. To help you, Maple offers ...
1 Getting Started
Contents Previous Next Index 1 Getting Started Don't worry about your difficulties
in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. ~Albert Einstein Mathematics ...
9 Basic Programming
Contents Previous Next Index 9 Basic Programming You have used Maple interactively
in the previous chapters, sequentially performing operations such as executing ...