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special evaluation
Special Evaluation Rules Description Examples Description Most Maple procedures
have what are known as standard evaluation rules. These rules govern the way in ...
Unevaluated Expressions, 'expr' Description Examples Description Enclosing an
expression with right single quotes ' ' will delay the evaluation of the expression ...
last name evaluation
Last Name Evaluation Maple supports the concept of last name evaluation. This refers
to the specific evaluation rules applied to certain kinds of expressions. Most ...
andmap determine whether a predicate is true of all operands of an expression ormap
determine whether a predicate is true of some operands of an expression xormap ...
map apply a procedure to each operand of an expression map2 apply a procedure with
a specified first argument to each operand of an expression map[n] apply a procedure ...
Language and System Changes in Maple 6 Linking and Calling External Routines New
and Enhanced Programming Features Examples Changes to the Type System Importing ...