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permgroup - Maple Help
The function permgroup is used as a procedure and an unevaluated procedure call. As a procedure, permgroup checks its arguments and then either exits with an ...
Maple Help - Find the normalizer of a subgroup
The result is returned as an unevaluated permgroup call. •. The command with(group,normalizer) allows ...
Maple Help - find the centralizer of a set of permutations
s need not be contained in pg. The result is returned as an unevaluated permgroup call.
determine whether a permutation group is a subgroup of another ...
Help · with(group) · pg := permgroup(8, {[[1, 2]],. > · sg := permgroup(8, {[[1, 2]],. >.
group(deprecated)/normalizer - Maple Help
... Examples Calling Sequence normalizer( pg , sg ) Parameters pg, sg - two permgroup s of the same degree Description Important: The group package has...
AbelianGroup - Maple Help
... permgroup" or "fpgroup" (the default). outputopt. -. (optional) equation of the form output = X, where X is either "list" (the default) or "iterator" ...
find the Sylow-p-subgroup of a permutation group - Maple Help
The given permutation group pg must have small order and degree. The result is returned as an unevaluated permgroup call.
test if a permutation is in a given group - Maple Help
The command with(group,groupmember) allows the use of the abbreviated form of this command. Examples. > with(group). > pg := permgroup(7, {[[1, 2, 3]. >.
group(deprecated)/issubgroup - Maple Help
... group Calling Sequence Parameters Description Examples Calling Sequence issubgroup( sg , pg ) Parameters sg, pg - two permgroup s of the same degree...
find the parity of a permutation group or a permutation - Maple Help
... permgroup · permrep · pres · RandElement · SnConjugates · subgrel · Sylow · transgroup ... If perm is used, the function returns the parity of perm. The ...