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Task Overview - Maple Help
Threads Task a high-level multithreaded programming model Calling Sequence Description List of Task Package Commands Calling Sequence Threads:-Task:- ...
Task:-Start - Maple Help
Threads[Task] Start start a new task Calling Sequence Parameters Description Examples Compatibility Calling Sequence Start( fcn , arg1 , ...
Threads - Maple Help
The best tool for parallel programming in Maple is the Task Programming Model. •. Each command in the Threads package can be accessed ...
Threads[Task][Start], - Search - Help
This pool is created during the first call to Threads:-Task:-Start. Each thread can execute one task at a time. As tasks are created they are stored in a data .
Example Worksheet - Maple Help
Threads:-Task Example Worksheet The Task Programming Model is a high level multi-threaded programming model. It enables Maple functions to take advantage of ...
Return - Maple Help
As the Task Model is inherently multi-threaded, there is a potential race condition if multiple tasks call Return with different values.
Thread Local Data - Maple Help
Executing the following statement multiple times will show different results, some of which will be incorrect. > Threads:-Task:-Start(passed, Task = ...
... threads; however, changes to global values are ... threads. See Also CodeTools[ThreadSafetyCheck] kernelopts module procedure Task Programming Model Threads.
multithreaded/threadlocaldata - Maple Help
Thread Local Data maintaining a thread local state Calling Sequence Parameters Description Default Values thread_local and Tasks Calling Sequence module() ...
Continue - Maple Help
Threads[Task] Continue create child tasks Calling Sequence Parameters Description Examples Calling Sequence Continue( fcn , arg1 , ..., argN ) Parameters ...