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TransferFunction - Maple Help
DynamicSystems TransferFunction create a transfer function system object Calling Sequence Parameters Options Description Examples Compatibility Calling ...
StateSpace - Maple Help
The optional parameter tf is the transfer function of a TF system ... [TransferFunction] · DynamicSystems[ZeroPoleGain] · Download Help Document · About Us.
SystemConnect - Maple Help
DynamicSystems SystemConnect determine the equivalent system representation of two or more interconnected system objects Calling Sequence Parameters Options ...
Dynamic Systems Overview - Maple Help
... System Analysis. System ... TransferFunction : create a transfer function ... System Manipulation. •. DynamicSystems:-AppendConnect : append systems together. •.
Dynamic Systems Examples - Maple Help
All system constructors, such as TransferFunction and DiffEquation, accept a parameters option that consists of a list of equations specifying the parameter ...
ScaleOutputs - Maple Help
DynamicSystems ScaleOutputs compute the system resulting from multiplying each output of a system object by a coefficient Calling Sequence Parameters ...
MaplePortal/DynamicSystems - Maple Help
A Transfer Function System Object can be obtained directly from the Differential Equation System Object by applying the TransferFunction command to the System ...
DC Motor Control Design - Maple Help
... transfer function model using DynamicSystems[TransferFunction] command. TFopen is the open loop transfer function for the angular position Theta(t) from the ...
FeedbackConnect - Maple Help
DynamicSystems FeedbackConnect create the equivalent system representation of one or two system objects with positive or negative feedback connection.
NormHinf - Maple Help
DynamicSystems NormHinf Compute the norm of a linear system Calling Sequence ... For a MIMO linear system with transfer function Matrix , the definition of ...