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New in Maple 17

Advanced Code Editor

Streamlined coding environment with syntax highlighting, automatic indenting, command completion, and more



Embedded Video

New video component to enhance documents and applications

Signal Processing

A new package for working with frequency domain analysis, windowing, and more




Faster parallel programming, floating-point linear algebra, and numerical complex number calculations

Easy App Creation

Easier creation of interactive applications and demonstrations


Embedded Components

New tools for app authoring

Math Apps

Many new apps to engage students with math and science concepts

Clickable MathTM

More Smart Popups for exploring math with only the click of your mouse

Group Theory

New features and functionalities for working with finite groups

Ease of use enhancements

New features to improve the user workflow



Performance gains in every large computation due to introducing parallelism into Maple's memory management system

Language & Programming

Numerous updates to the programming environment, including improved select and remove behavior, assign to protected names, and thread local data

Advanced Math

Improvements to differential equations, graph theory, dynamic systems semi-algebraic system solving, and more


Tools for predicitive least squares analysis and other new commands


Differential Geometry

Many new commands and updates including expanded functionalities in Lie Algebras and a new package for Exterior Differential Systems


New commands in tensor analysis, special and general relativity, as well as a new library of programming commands for Physics

Dynamic Systems

Several updates to dynamic systems and control design


New options for plotting inequalities and more


Multivariate Calculus for Students

Lines, planes, and other additions in our Student packages for multivariate calculus

Essay Tools

Automatic essay grading, plagiarism detection, linguistic analysis, and spell-checking


Additional Improvements

Better subscript handling, automatic 3D plots axes, and more

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