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Moving the Camera around a 3-D Model

In the perspective view, you can view your model from any direction in 3-D space by moving the virtual camera that projects your model. For example, you can move the camera above, below, or to a different side of your model, and you can tumble your model so that the components are pointing in a different direction.

Tumbling moves the camera in such a way that the model appears to rotate side to side (azimuth angle) or up-down (inclination angle).  The center of the rotation is roughly at the center of the model, as is the case when the mouse cursor is not over any scene object when you start to tumble.  If your mouse cursor is over a scene object when starting the tumble, that object will be at the center of the rotation.  This allows you to look around the object.

You can move the camera when an animation is playing or static.

To move the camera around a 3-D model:


Drag your mouse pointer in the 3-D workspace.  This works in Select Mode ( ) or Rotate Mode ( ).

Note: If you zoom in closely to an object and want to move the camera around that object, position your mouse pointer over the object before you begin moving the camera.

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