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Importing Parameter Sets From an Excel Spreadsheet

MapleSim lets you import parameter sets from an Excel spreadsheet for use in your model simulation.  All imported parameter sets are saved as MapleSim parameter set files (.params) and are available under the Attached Files tab ( ), under Parameter Sets.

To import a parameter set from an Excel spreadsheet


Open the model into which you want to import the parameter sets.


In the main toolbar, click Show Apps Manager ( ).  The Analysis window opens with Apps tab selected.


From the Apps palette on the left, double-click on the app you want to use. The selected app opens..


From the Apps palette, under Utility, select Excel Connectivity.  The App opens in the Analysis window.


In the Excel Connectivity app, scroll to the Import from Excel section.


Browse to and select the Excel file you want to import by clicking the  button beside Excel File Name, or enter the name of the file, with its full path, in the Excel File Name field.



Select the name of the Excel spreadsheet from the Excel Spreadsheet Name list.


(Optional) By default, MapleSim imports all of the columns in the Excel spreadsheet.  To specify a range of columns to import, select Import by Column, and then specify the range in the Column Range fields.

Note: Use the letters at the top of each column to specify the range.  You only need to specify the columns that contain actual parameter values. You do not need to specify the MapleSim Filename Params column because it is imported automatically.  To specify a single column, enter the letter for that column in both of the Column Range fields.


Select the Import By Column check box and click Import to MapleSim as Parameter Set.  The imported parameter values are now added to your MapleSim model and can be viewed in the Main subsystem default settings window by clicking Parameters ( ) in the Main Toolbar, or by clicking the workspace and from the Properties ( ) tab, clicking Add or Change Parameters.

For more information about accessing the parameter sets from your model, see Using a Parameter Set in a Simulation.

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