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Opening a Model or Custom Library

Models that you previously created and saved in MapleSim have either the file extension .msim (standard model) or .base_msim (version controlled model). Custom libraries have either the file extension .msimlib (standard library) or .base_msimlib (version controlled library).

To open an existing model or custom library:


From the File menu, select Open.


Select a valid MapleSim file and click Open. The following is a list of valid MapleSim file formats.


.msim (MapleSim model)


.base_msim (version controlled MapleSim model)


.msimlib (MapleSim library)


.base_msimlib (version controlled MapleSim library)


Alternatively, to open a file, you can drag the icon of a valid MapleSim file from a location outside of MapleSim (for example, your desktop) and place it in the Model Workspace.


If you are prompted to slect the original or current version of a version controlled model or library, see Opening a Version Controlled Model or Library for more information.

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