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Generating Custom Library Documentation 

You can generate documentation for the components and subsystems in your library. Documentation for a custom library is not generate by default and must be performed as a separate step after you either create or reload a custom library.

The documentation is in the form of HTML pages that can be viewed in a web browser.

To generate documentation for your custom library:


Open an existing MapleSim library file (File > Open).  Alternatively, under the Library Components tab ( ) in MapleSim, right-click (Control-click for Mac) on the custom library palette, and select Edit Library.  The library opens in library edit mode.


From the Tools menu, select Create Library & Documentation.

The Creating Library dialog opens and shows the progress or your request. Note that It can take a few minutes to complete the request. Once the click Close.

To view the documentation for a component in your custom library:


Drag the component onto the Model Workspace.


Right-click (Control-click for Mac) the component and select Help on componentName. Your system default web browser opens displaying the documentation.


Note: The documentation generated for custom libraries is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

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