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Adding a Line or Arrow to a Model

You can add lines and arrows, for example, to diagrams or flowcharts in your physical model.

Note: The lines and arrows that you draw using the line tool cannot be used to represent physical signals between components.

To add a line or arrow to a model


Click the line tool ( ) from the Annotations toolbar.


Tip: Click once on the toolbar icon to insert that type of object into the drawing. The tool is activated. For example, .


Click twice on the toolbar icon to insert multiple objects of the same type without having to reselect the tool. The icon is highlighted yellow. For example, . The tool remains activated until you select another toolbar icon.


(Optional) To select a color for the line, click the drawing outline menu ( ), and select a color.


(Optional) From the line menu ( ), select a line style and thickness.


If you want to draw an arrow, select an arrow type from the same menu.



To draw the line, click a point in the model workspace and move the pointer to another location.


Click your left mouse button to anchor the mouse pointer.


If you want to draw another line segment, move your mouse pointer to another location in the model workspace. You can draw as many line segments as you want.


To complete the line, press ESC.

Note:  To change arrow back to a line you must first select the arrow's correct line style or type, and then select No Arrow.

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