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Animation Settings

You can specify the following animation settings for models containing multibody mechanical components:





3-D Playback Time


Specifies the playback duration of the 3-D animation in seconds. This value differs from the td value of the Simulation settings, which in comparison specifies the simulation duration represented in your simulation graphs. You can specify a floating-point value for this option.

You can specify a value in this field to increase or decrease the speed at which an animation is played. For example, if the td value is set to 0.5 seconds, you can set the 3-D Playback Time value to 10 seconds to slow down the animation; an animation of the 0.5 second simulation would then be played back over a span of 10 seconds in real time.

If no value is specified in this field, the 3-D Playback Time value is the same as the value entered in the td field: an animation of a 10 second simulation, for example, would be played back over a span of 10 seconds in real time. The number of frames represented in an animation is determined by the value specified in the Plot Points field, and the 3-D Playback Time value multiplied by the 3-D Sampling Rate value.

3-D Sampling Rate


Number of frames per second to include in the 3-D animation playback. You can increase this value to create an animation with smoother playback. You can specify a positive integer for this option when the 3-D Animation field is set to true.

The default value is 40 fps for new models.

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