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Sample Maplet Application: Singular Values

This worksheet demonstrates how to write a Maplet application that functions similarly to the LinearAlgebra[SingularValues] Maplet application available in the Maplets[Examples] package. It is designed for experienced Maple authors.


The SingularValues Maplet application provides a graphical interface to the LinearAlgebra[SingularValues] function.
The singular values of a matrix M are the square roots of the eigenvalues of M multiplied by its Hermitian transpose.
The possible outputs are a matrix of left singular vectors (denoted by U), a transposed matrix of right singular vectors (denoted by Vt) and a vector of the singular values (denoted by S).

By using user input, this procedure returns the calling sequence required to find the singular values or evaluates the result.


Thus, the Maplet application requests:

1.  The output, one of: U; S; Vt; or U, S, and Vt.

2.  Whether the matrix is real-valued.

3.  Whether the vector or matrix(ces) are read-only.

3.  Whether the result is to be evaluated (or the calling sequence is to be returned).

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