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LibraryTools[Browse] - invoke a Maplets-based user interface (Library Browser) for march and savelib commands

Calling Sequence

Browse( directory1, directory2, ... )




(optional) string; directory to search for Maple libraries other than libname. If directory is not specified, only the paths in libname are used.



The Browse() command provides a Maplets-based graphical user interface (Library Browser) to manipulate the libraries in a specified directory.


From the Library list, select a library. The list contains all the active libraries listed in libname.


In the Library Attributes box, view attributes of the selected library.


The library attributes include Author, Priority (lookup order of the library), Time Stamp (the time the library was created), and read/write mode specifying whether the library is READONLY or WRITABLE.


The Save Attributes button allows you to change the attributes of the selected library.


The following buttons are available:


Enable: Make a library active. This library is concatenated to the end of libname.


Disable: Removes selected library from the Library drop-down list. The selected library is also removed from libname.


New: Creates a new library (default name is user.mla). The new library is concatenated to the end of libname.


Edit: View the list of names of library members of the selected library and the details of individual member such as the size of the member (in bytes) and the time when the member was saved.


View displays the Maple code of the highlighted member.


Add Name saves active names in the Maple session to the selected library.


Add File saves a .m file to the selected library.


Delete deletes one or more library members.


Compress: Performs library garbage collection and library packing to reduce wasted space.


Help: Displays the help page of LibraryTools[BrowseLibrary] (this help page).


Exit: Exits the Library Browser. The new value of libname is returned.






See Also

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