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Copy as LaTeX Expressions

Copy a 2-D math expression as a LaTeX expression by using the Edit menu or the context menu.  The math expression is copied to the system clipboard as LaTeX and then can be pasted into a .tex file for use in any LaTeX application.

To copy as LaTeX:


Select the mathematical expression.  From the Edit menu, select Copy As > Copy as LaTeX. (Alternatively, from the context panel for the selection, select Copy As > Copy as LaTeX.)


In the target application, paste the LaTeX from the clipboard.

The underlying translation used by Maple to convert to LaTeX is done by the latex command.  For more information, see latex.

It is also possible to convert a formatted mathematical output expression to LaTeX and display the resulting LaTeX expression in Maple.


Select the mathematical output in the Maple worksheet. From the Context Panel, select Conversions > LaTeX. The LaTeX expression that represents the selected mathematical output is returned in the form of a string.

You can then copy the LaTeX expression to use in another application.

To export an entire document to LaTeX, see Export as LaTeX.

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