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MapleCloud Document Exchange Overview

You can use the MapleCloud™ Document Exchange to share worksheet and workbook content and view content shared by other Maple users. Using the tools in the MapleCloud palette, you can upload an entire Maple standard worksheet, an entire Maple workbook, or a selection from a Maple standard worksheet to a Google-hosted server and then allow other users to view and download a copy of that content from another computer that has Maple installed or via a web browser through the Maple Online Cloud. You can also use the MapleCloud Document Exchange tools to store your content in a private location that is not accessible to other users.

The MapleCloud palette displays a list of shared content that you have permission to view. You can control who can view content that you share by uploading content in a user group. For more information about groups, see MapleCloud Groups.

All users require an Internet connection to use the MapleCloud Document Exchange. To share content; "like" shared content; create, manage, and join user groups; and view group-specific content, you must log in to the MapleCloud Document Exchange using a, Gmail™, or Google Mail™ account name and the password that you use to log in to that account. To sign up for a free account, visit

Note: The use of the MapleCloud Document Exchange is subject to the MapleCloud Terms of Service. For more information, visit  The MapleCloud connection is on by default, allowing you to view and download documents from the MapleCloud.  To turn the MapleCloud connection off, see Turning Off Your Connection to the MapleCloud Document Exchange.

Tip: For best practices on using the MapleCloud Document Exchange, visit

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