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The Maple Portal is designed as a starting place for any Maple user.  The Maple Portal for Math Educators provides more content on topics that are useful for teaching and learning with Maple.


Refer to Help>Quick Reference for basic getting started tips.


How do I...

This portal will direct you to the resources you need to use Maple.  Useful features include plotting, clickable math, the Student packages, and an extensive library of mathematics commands and packages.  Learn to make use of interactive assistants, context menus, and Maple's help system.

Topics covering essentials for doing mathematics in Maple.

Curve Fitting

Explorations in Calculus

Explorations in Linear Algebra

Explorations in Precalculus

Making Substitutions

Plotting Parametric Curves

Plotting Tips: Vertical Lines and Multiples of π

Setting Curve Colors

Using the Exploration Assistant




More resources are available on the Maplesoft web site, including the Teacher Resource Center and Clickable Math Applications.

How do I...

...enter a simple expression?

...enter a function?

...enter a matrix?

...evaluate an expression?

...plot a function?

...enter a complex number?



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Refer to Help>Quick Reference for basic getting started tips.

Note for non-Windows users: The keystrokes given in this document are for Windows.  There will be differences for other platforms. If you are using a different platform, see Shortcut Keys.