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New Math Apps in Maple 2015

abc Conjecture

Arc Length

Atwood Machine

Avogadro's Number

Barn Pole Paradox

Binomial Distribution

Bouncing Ball


Boy's Surface


Breather Pseudosphere

Chi-Square Distribution

Chi-Square Test

Combined Gas Law

Confidence Intervals

Damped Harmonic Motion

Dollar Cost Averaging

Double Atwood Machine

Drum Vibrations

Epicenter Of Earthquakes

Evolution Trees

Exponential Distribution

Fifteen Puzzle

Geometric Distribution


Hopalong Attractor

Hypergeometric Distribution

Inclined Planes And Wedges

Inverse Square Law

Lindenmayer Systems


Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution

Measures Of Spread


Mobius Strip

Molecular Structures

Morley's Trisector Theorem

Normal Approximation Of Binomial Distribution

Organic Chemistry

Piano Notes

Plant Cell

Platonic Solids

Poisson Distribution

Punnett Squares

Quantum Tunneling


Relativistic Addition Of Velocities

Rolling Two Dice

Simple Compound And Continuous Interest

Simple Harmonic Motion

Solar Intensity and Luminosity

Solving Systems Of Linear Equations

Stem And Leaf Display

Student's t-Test (Gradeable)

The Duck And Fox Puzzle

Trig Identities: Angle Addition

Water Balance And Budgets



Z-Tests (Gradeable)


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