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Sorry, we do not have specific information about your error. There are several resources that can help you find a solution:

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  • implicit diff
    implicitdiff differentiation of a function defined by an equation Calling Sequence
    Parameters Description Examples Calling Sequence implicitdiff( f , y , x ) implicitdiff ...

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    Jan 30, 2015 ... I've got a function y(x) that is initially defined as x^3+y^3=1 ... I need to plot the maximum of x^2 and sqrt(|x|) together on one graph.
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    I didn't understand what the page on implicit differentiation meant by 2nd derivatives are just like in using diff Like this implicitdiff(y^2 = x^3+a*x+b, ...
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    Nov 15, 2018 ... eqn := 5*(x*y)^2+x/sqrt(y) = x^2+2*(3*x^3+y^2)^3. However implicitdiff(eqn, x, y); produces an output that expands the result.

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