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Open a Worksheet or File


Using the File>Open menu item, you can open Maple Worksheets (.mw and .mws), Maple Worksheets as XML (.xml), Maplet applications (.maplet), Maple input (.mpl), text (.txt), and Mathematica Notebooks (.nb).


To open an existing worksheet to modify the content or to change its appearance:


From the File menu, select Open.


Select a file type and then a filename.


Click Open.


Note: Maple worksheets use a .mw file extension. Previous releases of Maple created worksheets as .mws files. The two formats are different, but Maple can open and run both file types. Older worksheets may not behave exactly as they would in the version they were created because improvements to the system sometimes result in different forms of responses.


Window Versus Tab

Opening a Maplet Application

Window Versus Tab


Depending on the settings in the Options Dialog, new worksheets or documents can open in a new window or tabbed pane.  See Tab Panes for details.

Opening a Maplet Application


When opening a Maplet application using the Open menu item, the Maplet application code is displayed as Maple input. If you simply want to launch the Maplet application (versus open the worksheet), use the MapletViewer.

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