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The Feature Detect Toolbar

In the Feature Detect window, the following buttons are found in the Toolbar:





Toggle to coordinate tree view.

Toggle to show only visible parts in tree view.

View properties.

Pan the view.

Zoom into or out from the CAD Workspace.

Rotate the assembly.

View the entire model.

Focus view on the selected object.

Show Geometry: All

Show Geometry: Invalid

Show Geometry: Only solid bodies

Rendering Mode: Shaded plus wireframe

Rendering Mode: Wireframe

Rendering Mode: Shaded

Toggle Camera Type: Perspective view

Toggle Camera Type: Orthographic view

Show/hide orientation.

Show gridlines.

Place a coordinate.

Place a reference coordinate.

Perform calculations.

Use the current view as the CAD subsystem icon.

Change display settings.

Accept all changes and import them into MapleSim.


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