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6.4 Proctored Browser

  • The Proctored Browser is a full screen web browser that blocks students from accessing external web sites or other programs on their computers while taking an assignment. When used in a monitored setting, such as an on-campus computer lab, where the use of other devices or materials is controlled, it prevents students from accessing external aids during the assignment.
  • By pairing the assignment type Proctored Exam with the use of the Proctored Browser, instructors can utilize both human monitors and a structured computer setting to maintain additional control over the testing environment.

  • If a student tries to bypass the restricted settings of the Proctored Browser, for example, by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete, this will be detected. The student sees an on-screen message, and an email is sent to the instructor.
  • Note: To use the Proctored Browser, you must use Google Chrome or Firefox.