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Security Issues to Consider

It is important to protect the Gradebook and test questions. Review the following basic security suggestions related to instructor passwords, student account management, proctored exams, and the Maple T.A. Proctored Browser.

6.1 Instructor Password Suggestions

  • Instructors should change their passwords often.
  • Instructors should never allow students to see their password. The instructor password grants access to all the grades in the class, and allows grade changes. Instructors should use caution when entering it in front of students.
  • The instructor password is stored on the server in plain text. Therefore, instructors should not use a password that cannot be disclosed to a third party.
  • When instructors log in, the time of your last login is given under your user profile. Check this every time to determine if there are any unaccounted logins. Access your profile by clicking the Your Name (Role) link next to Logout.