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5.7 Creating Proctors

The system has two types of proctors: system proctors and class proctors.

System/Global Proctor

A system (or global) proctor is a user whose system role has proctor privileges. This means they are authorized to proctor students in any class. Only an administrator or an instructor can create system proctors.

To create a system proctor:

1. Create a new user. From the System User Manager menu, select Add User.

2. In the Role section, select Proctor, and then complete the user registration form.

3. Click Submit.

Note: A system proctor does not need to be registered in a class to proctor that class.

Class/Local Proctor

A class (or local) proctor is a user whose system role does not have proctor privileges (for example, a student). In this case the user can only proctor students in a class in which he or she is registered as a proctor. A class proctor is created by the instructor or an administrator.

To create a local proctor:

1. From the Class Homepage, select the Class User Manager menu, then select Register Users.

2. Choose the User Role to be Proctor.

3. Select the check box beside the system user (or users) you want to designate as a proctor for your class. You can use the Search panel to find a particular user.

4. Click Register.

To check that the user has been added to your class with the role of proctor:

1. From the Class Homepage, select Class User Manager.

2. Select Proctor for the User Role, and then click Search.

A list of users registered in your class as proctors is displayed.

Note: If the person you want to add as a proctor is not a user in the system, you must first add the user to the system.

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